1. TAYLOR MADE FURNITURE: The competence of our team and architects is not only focused on the choice of single products and their configuration. Our team is made up of real interior designers, always up to date on the latest trends in the industry, able to create a personalized environments in the smallest details, with a thorough attention to decor to domotics, from the environment's perfuming to the choice of every single detail of composition and accessory for a fully custom-made kitchen thanks to our brand partners. 

3. MANAGEMENT OF THE CONSTRUCTION SITE AND COORDINATION OF CRAFTSMEN: BLUE Interior Design takes care of all the site supplies and coordinates the various craftsmen involved, allowing the architect, the client and the designer to avoid unnecessary delays and to organize the work in a more fluid way, thanks to the contact with a single interlocutor. Over the years BLUE Interior Design has selected skilled partners such as bricklayers, installers, plumbers, electricians, painters and everything that surrounds the world of renovations, to whom we confidently entrust all the construction sites commissioned to us. Therefore BLUE Interior Design, on commission of its customers, offers the complete works management service for all the renovation and customization works in general entrusted to us.

5. TRANSPORT AND ASSEMBLING: We have an internal team highly skilled workers, constantly up-to date with courses run directly by the company that produces the furniture to assemble. We can therefore provide full assistance even in a delicate phase such as assembling, the perfect execution of which can best enhance every detail of the project. Our vehicles allow us to directly deliver the products and furniture, meeting the needs and timing of the customer.

7. SALES, DELIVERY AND ASSEMBLY ALL OVER EUROPE: We not only sell the furnishings, but we also accompany our clients in a fundamental phase for the success of the project: shipping and assembly. Our reality that over the years has carried out projects throughout Europe, acquiring experience in dealing with every possible type of transport and problems of any kind. Our aim is to ensure that the goods arrive on site in the best conditions. Our team can reach any destination to take care of the correct execution of the project, possibly in collaboration with local workers.

More services for architects:

- ALL THE BEST DESIGN BRANDS: We offer architects the possibility to choose directly between several important Italian and international design brands. Professionals who intend to take with us, in fact, can point to a wide and complete range of furnishings to create different design projects suitable for every need, combined with the exclusive plus of interfacing with a single partner for purchase, logistics and delivery.
- SERVICES OF QUOTATION: In the current market, customers are increasingly demanding, and speed is now a key factor. We put at the disposal of the clientele and architects a staff of professionals dedicated only to the quotation of furniture products and projects in order to provide professionals and their customers with detailed quotes in the most rapid manner.

2. PLANNING: Our added value is that, in addition to distributing the best brands and design furniture products, we also offer a "taylor-made" design service for every request. A team of our experienced designer is at the client disposal to follow him step by step and answer every need for advice. The detailed drawings of the environment's project with the exact positioning of each furniture, are always delivered and discussed with the clients. Our experts know perfectly the assortment and the potential of the various brands and can boast a long experience in the field of interior design, with high profile projects everywhere in Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and in the rest of Europe.

4. DIRECT VISIT TO THE PRODUCTION FACTORIES: Thanks to our strategic position in the heart of the design district, we can offer exclusive services: our team is constantly in contact with the entire production chain of the most important brands in the sector. Their companies and showrooms are located not far from our headquarters, always ready to satisfy any customer need. Buying from us could be a unique experience for the customer to show the latest news of our careful selection of brands, just a few kilometers from the production sites where they are made.

6. METRIC SURVEYS: Interior design is an art made of details. For optimum results, a millimeter accuracy is required in the projects. For this reason, our specialized architects are always available to make surveys and measurements directly on the site of the project – whether it could be a building site or an existing building – using precision instruments and a long experience in the field.

8. POST-SALES ASSISTANCE: The direct and constant relationship with our customers is one of the keys of our identity from years. Is big satisfaction to see our clients come back to us after so many years, with their grown up children, ready to furnish with us the new home they will live in. That's why our customers can count always on our help for any issues arising even after years of purchase, in whatever country they live. We therefore provide qualified assistance on replacements and maintenance of various furnishings, always quickly and with the same care we devote to every new project. 


- REPRESENTATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF BRANDS FOR THE SWISS-ITALIAN-LUXEMBOURG-SPANISH MARKET: We also offer the wholesale and distribution service of some brands for the entire Swiss, Italian, Luxembourg and Spanish market. This allows us to offer architects and companies that decide to use the products of the brands we represent, the sale of the same with discounts and assistance in order to be able to establish new collaborations and lasting synergies over time.
- SOFT CONTRACT: Throughout our history we have assisted architects in many residential projects, but we have also extended our skills to the management of soft contracts, also specializing in luxury projects where the personalization and differentiation of the various environments play an important role. Our inspiration is to become a valuable partner for architects who want to use different brands for their realizations and work towards a finish quality similar to home projects.

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