A B O U T   U S

BLUE Interior Design is an interior creativity studio founded by Virgilio Coppola born from a small operational base located in Campione d'Italia, an Italian enclave in Switzerland, not far from the heart of the city of Lugano (Switzerland). Virgilio, born in Italy and raised in Switzerland, grew up on construction sites as a child thanks to the family business that operated in the construction sector, he liked to watch buildings rise from the foundations and for this reason he decides to undertake his path from an early age in a parallel sector, that of the sale of prestigious properties where he has been able to deal for many years both in Switzerland and for several years abroad such as in Italy, Russia, Poland, Luxembourg and on the Côte d'Azur in France. After 3 years, BLUE Interior Design has become an international reality by opening offices with showrooms in Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Spain on the Canary Islands (Tenerife).


Virgilio Coppola & BLUE Interior  Design at your service. Thank you!

Constantly grown in close contact with luxury environments and realities where exclusivity and elegance are the basis of everything, Virgilio Coppola decides to found BLUE Interior Design in May 2019. He decides to create a new, strong and impactful reality , who knows how to get involved without rivals when it comes to design and exclusivity and above all for the attention to detail and quality of "Made in Italy" and more. 

For this reason he decides to join and represent in his new project, several important brands and fundamental for him, for the whole Swiss, Italian, Luxembourg and Spanish market. The intense passion for aesthetic beauty and exclusive design gives to Virgilio Coppola the familiarity of being able to accurately guide and execute every single construction project commissioned to BLUE Interior Design.

O U R   P H I L O  S O P H Y

The company philosophy is, first of all, to offer a complete collection of kitchen furniture, appliances and accessories, furniture brands, tiles and wall tiles, all rigorously selected by us. BLUE Interior Design represents several important design and furniture brands in general, presenting a wide range of products that includes some of the most iconic and traditional objects up to the latest exclusive trends. 

The accuracy and reliability of the logistics management allows BLUE Interior Design to be able to operate and satisfy its customers throughout Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and whole Europe, also providing them with the assistance of a dedicated team that follows the process from delivery to assembly to finishing, guaranteeing a perfect result of the customer's initial request. 

BLUE Interior Desing transfers its versatile all-round approach into personalized customer care. Its team of professional architects and designers works to create unique and tailor-made projects and satisfy the client's expectations combining the infinite possibilities of realization and customization in the best possibile way.

W H A T   W E   D O 

BLUE Interior Design, during its years of activity, has gained experience in the Interior Desigm sector in all its facets ad mainly, the building sector in general. We are specialized from the single desing of a "Taylor-Made" furniture up to the direction of the work fot a complete renovation of any type of property, including the supply of all materials. BLUE Interior Design boasts of its team made up of highly trained people with very specific skills, as well as we provide our customers with a wide range of external partners for the management and execution of any type of work entrusted to us. 


In particular we deal with:

- Interior Design
- Supply of covering materials (floors and tiles for interiors and exteriors)
- Taylor Made kitchens
- Furniture in general and accessories
Exclusive representatives for the Swiss market
- Architectural design
- Complete renovations
- Construction in general
- Construction site management and control
- Liquidation of construction sites
- Project and executive consultancy


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